Is this a computer speed processing problem or anki problem?

Idk why, but when I am doing anki on my computer, almost every other 3 cards or so will stay on the same front card after I click enter or spacebar, and not show the back card unless I scroll up or down w/ the mouse, which then shows the back of the card or the clozed deletion when I do. Also, whenever I am on a card, then press enter, it goes to the previous cards answer and not the actual back of the card or clozed deletion. What I usually do to see the back of the card I am on when either of this occurs is I click enter to go to the next card which shows the front of the next card, Ctr+Z to go back to the card that wasn’t showing, which then allows me to actually see the card, then enter again and then it will show the back of the card or clozed deletion. So now I’m always anticipating cards to not show whenever I use the desktop app.

This is just getting so frustrating because I don’t want to keep going on my phone to do cards (problem doesn’t occur on mobile). Does anyone know how to fix this?

I removed all my addons, but the problem is still happening. I also tried starting anki on safe mode (hold shift when opening the app), didn’t help. I’m on Version ⁨2.1.45

Have you tried a more recent Anki version to see if the issue persists?

yes, just updated but is still doing the same problem

Changing your video driver may help: Display Issues - Anki Manual

It’s still occurring but did I do the right steps to change it or is there anything else I can do?

  1. first downloaded and installed Qt6 for my first update, problem still occurred
  2. downgraded and quit
  3. downloaded and installed Qt5, but the problem is still occurring.

Please try the steps listed on the page I linked above.

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