Front of cards sometimes blank, cloze deletions sometimes not showing

Hi everyone,

I have a problem I couldn’t figure out through googling and trying a couple fixes.

I have been using Anki on Windows 10 and Android with no problems. I just got a new computer, Windows 10, Intel graphics card with Intel(R) UHD Graphics 600 driver. I am using Anki 2.1.44. I am using the same decks that work fine on my other devices.

The problem: (1) every few cards, the front of the card shows up blank. (2) Sometimes with Cloze deletions, the Cloze stays as a […] after I turn the card over (screenshot of this one). If I click Sync, cards show up correctly 3-4 times, then the problem returns.

I have tried restarting everything, reinstalling Anki, and updating the graphics driver. This computer doesn’t have alternative graphics driver options.

Any ideas? Thank you!

The only suggestion I have for you is trying all three video drivers in Anki’s preferences screen, if you have not already. Make sure you restart each time you change them.