Trouble switching cards on Windows

I’ve had this problem for awhile now and I’ve tried a few things to resolve it but it’s still persistent. After updating to the newest version it seems to be even worse. I will either click the space bar or the “show answer” button and it will either show me a random card, or it won’t show the answer until I double click a specific spot on the card with my mouse. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I use my space bar or if I use my mouse to click show answer, and/or the interval at which I answered correctly. I’ll upload a video of this happening below. If someone could please fix this for the windows version in the next update I would Tremendously appreciate it!

Have you tried following these steps? I think in particular of the “disable add-ons to see if the problem stays” and “make sure you have the latest Anki version” steps.

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Yes, to both of those. I currently have version 2.1.49

I just changed the video driver and it has seemed to help so far. Thank you @BlackBeans, I really appreciate your help!

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