[2.1.56] Bug: cards show backs of other cards, often ones that are completely irrelevant

On Anki Desktop, I often have an issue where showing an answer will show the answer of another, completely unrelated card, and answer cards will show up in prompts that reveal the question stem for a completely different card when “show answer” is clicked. Clicking the “edit” button reveals the correct content to be displayed.

I often have to exit from my deck and re-enter to fix this issue. The issue manifests itself more often when using the spacebar to advance cards than the cursor; however, using the cursor will still lead to the issue. The number of cards one needs to go through to reproduce this issue ranges widely; sometimes it begins within the first few cards, other times after one hundred or so. Either way, the issue does not resolve itself unless I exit my deck.

I use AnkiWeb for syncing my decks. This issue does not appear on AnkiDroid. It has become annoying enough to where I have defaulted to using AnkiDroid over the desktop application. This issue has persisted since 2.1.54.

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