Text colour problems

Hi there,

I can´t change the Text-colour of my anki-cards anymore. (It stays blue).

When I press the colour button in the settings and select a colour, nothing changes.

The background marker still works perfectly.

Does anybody else have this problem/know, how to fix it?

Best regards

Does it change in the editor itself? Or do you only have blue text during the review?

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When you change the selected color in the editor, the color of the button should change, but it looks like we’re not currently applying the selected color. If you click the button that changed color afterwards, it should apply the color to the text. Is that what you mean?

I can select colours in the editor.
But by selecting them nothing happens. Even the button (that shows the selected colour) always stays blue.

I already tried to change the colour afterwards too, but thats also not possible.

Finally resolved it.

Had to change the spectrum to white. Now I can select all the colours again.

Hey I’m having the same issue and can’t seem to fix it, can you explain what you did?