Bug Report: 2.1.54 - Changing color to black doesn't work consistently

Changing the color to black (#000000) from the color picker doesn’t work consistently when starting on another color. Absolutely nothing happens. In my case, I was going from #aa0000 to #000000. I could force it to work sometimes by setting another color, and then going to black (NOT ideal).

Not sure why that happening, but explicitly setting black is a bad idea anyway, since the text will not be visible when you switch between light/dark modes. The remove formatting choice can be used instead.

Black is the default color. The only reason I desire to set it to black is because it should start there, and I change it back when it doesn’t reset itself to black. While your averted solution does work, ignoring the problem isn’t really a great practice in my eyes.

I have the same problem, whether it’s font color or highlighter… I can’t select black except for maybe one out of eight attempts.

Highly annoying. If anyone has a fix, I’d appreciate a suggestion. Work arounds, like “use another color”, are about as annoying as the bug itself.

It should already be fixed - perhaps you’re not using the latest release.