Style Editor Night Mode Toggle

Hello, not sure if this is a bug or I’m just not understanding how this toggle is supposed to work. If I have my Anki application itself not set to night mode and I’m in the style editor for my cards, doing Options > Night Mode does not seem to be night mode at all. For example, if I actually turn on night mode, all of my white backgrounds become black and the black text becomes white, but the toggle in the editor just makes the background a light grey and nothing else changes. Also tested with this:

.notes {
	color: #449933;
	font-size: 80%

.night-mode .notes {
	color: #FF0000;

and toggling keeps the text there green (#449933) instead changing it to red. It does actually change to red though if I change my Anki to night mode and preview the card. Am I missing something about what this toggle is supposed to do, or is this a bug of sorts? Running Version ⁨2.1.43. Thanks.

That feature was not working properly in previous versions. Updating to the latest version (or at least version 2.1.45) should fix the issue.

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Aha… And here I thought I updated recently enough to not have to worry about an update… Just updated to 47 and looks how I expect it to work. Thanks!