Night mode does not affect input tags

The title is pretty self-explanatory. All text, widgets buttons are rendered fine in night mode but inputs aren’t changed, which cause a very contrasting effect.

This could be easily solved by using a predefined dark mode cheat sheet for Qt (as I think Anki uses Qt), such as this one or this one, instead of writing your own (which could take a lot of time).

By the way, Anki does not autodetect dark mode (at least not on my computer, which is a Linux with Gnome).

Should be fixed in the next alpha.

Do you know how much time does that represent (days, weeks, months, years, centuries — let’s hope not)?

Besides, if I could give feedback about the palette, IMO the green that validates your input is a bit too flashy night mode.

You can follow development in the beta testing section of this forum.