How to see the editing window as the preview of a card? [To see an inversion of the highlighted text between night and light mode]

Sometimes I prefer using night mode when I’m studying my Anki cards, and my cards have highlighted text in there. For that reason, when I saw me “light green” or “light yellow” highlights in my cards during night mode, I couldn’t see anything, because that colors didn’t have a default variant color for the dark mode.

I’ve solved this adding things like this to the style tab of my cards (I see a darker green highlight color that allows me to read the text in night mode):

.night_mode span[style="background-color: rgb(236, 255, 227);"] { background-color: rgb(23,62,9)!important }

However, this change is only visible when I do a review of the cards or when I see a preview of them. And I would like to see this changes when I’m editing too, my eyes would be very grateful.

For that reason I’m here asking the community.

I post some images, so you can see better what I’m trying to explain.

Thanks in advance, and have a nice day

Anki doesn’t currently have a built-in feature for changing the styling inside the editing screen, but it could be done with an add-on.

I understand, thanks for your response and your time Dae.