Editor Not Saving Colors

I just upgraded to .45 and I noticed that whereas in previous releases when I would choose a new font color it would be remembered and selected, in this release it’s not. It defaults back to black and the color I choose is no longer remembered in those boxes. For instance below, the last color I choose was cyan, but in both cases it’s not there.


Hey, I’m the one who implemented those new buttons. You can add other colors to the small boxes below by dragging them there.

The color is not being saved anymore after you close the editor, that is true. I argued that it was not that helpful, because as soon as you use more than color, you have to change all the time anyway. I thought, it might be more helpful to reset to a “neutral” state, rather than restoring the previous one, however I might be wrong here.

Thanks for your great work! Thanks for letting me know I can drag the colors, that makes it a lot easier than having to choose them every time. As far as the neutral state is concerned, I find myself really only using a few colors and often it’s the same one repeatedly. I don’t know how other workflows are but personally I think there’s a higher chance you’ll want to use the previous color you selected than well, black. I hope that makes sense. I’d personally vote to revert it to saving the colors without needing to drag them + remembering the last used color, but that’s just me. I really love how they look now, I just miss how they used to work.


I noticed that when you open the color selector, one of the colors is already selected as it has the light blue outline around it, which lead me to believe that when I press “okay” said color would be selected. Unfortunately that is not the case. Only after I click on it is it actually selected. Could you remove that outline? In its current form I’m not sure which purpose it serves.

It’s not actually selected right now…

Only after I press on it is it actually selected

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@hengiesel it would be nice if the last used color were remembered - some users only use one color, and frequently close and reopen the add screen

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This window is actually governed by the operating system, not by us. So the bug report technically should go to Apple :slight_smile:

I’ll prepare a PR