Anki changing background and text color

Every time my anki syncs it changes the background and text color. How do I stop this? I have to manually go into the card script every time and change the code. This only started happening a few days ago.

  • Is it changing it to something random, or changing it back to what it was before?
  • Do you have any add-ons that sync cards with subscription services?
  • Are you strict about making sure that you sync when you open the app and when you close/leave the app, every time, on every device?

It is changing it to the same thing every time.
I am subscribed to the ankking step1 and 2 deck. But I have been for a year and never had this occur before.
I sync every time I open and close on every device

If this is about cards that are coming from those subscription decks, I don’t think the issue is AnkiWeb/device-sync related. Doesn’t it seem like those services are updating your card templates and overwriting your changes?

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