Colour and Font changes in Add Window


It seems that after some addons update, the size of the fonts on the add window is reduced in size and also the colour or my field when I enable freeze field has change. It’s kindof alright for me but I was wondering what addons are causing the changes?
I’m on Anki 2.1.26.

This is what I meant.

The sort field gets colored this way when Anki detects a duplicate note (and a Show Duplicates label will show below the fields). If this was not the case, Try copying the field content and pasting it again while holding the Shift key to strip formatting.

thanks for the speedy reply!
Yes I understand that the colour happens because there is a duplicate. But there was an update to my addon recently and that colour ssems to have change from another colour (can’t remember what it was exactly) to this colour you see. So I was wondering whether this colour can be changed to another colour. Also that the font size for the name of the field have change dramatically… but that’s not a problem.

The shade of red was fixed in a more recent Anki update if I recall correctly.

ah i see, but didn’t upgrade my anki version.