Font Size Button when Adding/Editing Notes

hey y’all i was thinking it’d great if there were buttons and/or hotkeys for changing the font size of specific text in a field. Sorry if this is already a feature, i’m really bad at finding things haha

I’m not talking about changing the font size for the entire field. Lets say the default font size for the “Front” field is 36 px and you have some text “ABC 123” in the “Front Field”. but lets say I want to add I want to add an addendum (ex. “xyz”) that is a smaller font, let’s say size 12 font. So in my Front field I would have “ABC 123” in size 36 font and “xyz” in size 12 font.

I know theres a way to do this using html, something like


but I find myself changing the font size frequently, so typing this line frrequently is becoming a bit of a chore.

AnkiDroid already has the feature where you can highlight the text you want to change, and then there’s a button (looks like a bigger T w/ a smaller T) you can press that allows you to change the font size ranging from xx-small to xx-large.

thanks for reading y’all