Potential Bug - unwanted edit undo

I’m enjoying Version ⁨2.1.49 (dc80804a)⁩
Python 3.8.6 Qt 5.14.2 PyQt 5.14.2
and using it on Windows 10

Here’s the issue:I’ve noticed that many of the new cards I’ve created seem to be missing text I remember including when I created them. It’s something I’ve noticed since the last major upgrade, but I couldn’t find a pattern. Sometimes it’s an entire field, and sometimes it’s just the last few lines.

One way I’ve found to catch the bug is when I’m in the browser editing Marked notes. If I’m editing a field in the html view (keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+X) and then hit CTRL-K to unmark the card, often the last few keystrokes are deleted, like an Edit Undo, although it does toggle the card to unmarked. I can make this happen 2-3 times in a row, but eventually it accepts the last edit.

I’m not sure it’s limited to editing marked notes, because many of the notes are new, so it may even be happening in the Add dialog via another sequence.

I am using the Advanced Browser add-on, and this may be part of the problem, although this problem seemed to arise after the last larger update to Anki Desktop. Advanced Broswer is the only add-on I’m currently using. My apologies if this bug is related to the add-on and I’ve posted in the wrong spot. I did try toggling that Add on to disabled and was still able to reproduce the bug.

Many thanks to Damien and all the contributors!

I have expercienced a similar bug.
My steps to reproduce are:

  • Edit a card (for example while studying)
  • Focus a field, and switch to the HTML editor
  • Make changes, then quickly exit the editor (with Esc for example)

The last changes are not taken into account. This seems to be related to the timing: if I wait a few seconds, or if I was not in the HTML mode before quitting, the bug never occurs. This is with Anki 2.1.49, Python 3.8.1, (Py)Qt 5.15.1 and Linux.

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Does it still happen in 2.1.50beta2 with add-ons disabled?