New Release Has Broken an Awesome Hidden Anki Feature


My name is Ken and I’m an Anki super user. I love Anki and it’s helped my career immensely. I’m a software developer and I use Anki to achieve a level of software fluency that allows me to excel in my career. I wish I could meet the creater of Anki and Thank Him. I purchased the iPhone version a few times as my way of saying thank you.

In any case the recent update to Anki Desktop broke an amazing an important aspect of Anki and I’m compelled to point this out and beg you to add this feature back.

Some of my cards are text input cards. For example I might have a card that says what is the sql keyword to allows you to remove duplicate rows from this query? The answer is “distinct”.

Anki had this cool feature where if you miss-typed the answer you could click edit and then close and you would be able to enter the input again. I used this feature all the time. The reason for this when I’m learning a new fact, typing it in multiple times helps with muscle memory. Going through that beautiful feedback loop a few times helps me retain the information. Again, this is especially useful when learning a new piece of information.

The new update eliminates this work flow. Now when you click on edit and close you can no longer re-enter the answer.

Can we simply keep the behavior that when a user clicks edit the text entered is cleared out and the user can type the answer again?

Thank you for reading this and thank you for creating an amazing piece of software.



Rating then undoing may be a good alternative. (Press space, then ctrl+z)


That works. Thank you!

A shortcut to refresh (restart) the current card might get introduced with the following PR:


Another way to refresh the card is to click ss.


Huh? I don’t understand…

Press the s key on your keyboard twice.