Anki 2.1.63 Release Candidate

Hi all,

A small update this time. The plan is to release it within a week if no serious issues are found.


I’m loving that Anki is getting native support for (h,j,k,l,u) bindings to assign a score to each card during reviews (thanks Ren!). However, I think that there’s a key piece of functionality missing that could improve the user experience: allow k to flip the card as well as answer it.

Around 70-80% of my Anki reviews consist of the actions of 1) flipping the card and then 2) quickly selecting good. I think that having to use space + k for these types of cards would be more clunky and slow than kk.

Will PR after I figure out where to assign keybinds when cards are in the question state.

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Hello, I would like to see these 2 new options in next release if you find them useful:

  1. An option for checking empty cards only in a specific deck.
  2. An option for selecting the cards that will be deleted in the “Check empty cards” menu.

“* Add alternative review shortcuts (h,j,k,l,u) (thanks to Ren).”

I remember thinking “this addon should be Anki default” back in 2016!

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I remember thinking “this addon should be Anki default” back in 2016!

Aha yes! I remember when I didn’t really understand Anki, sat on my laptop prodding away at the number keys. Good times :slight_smile:

This has now been released as stable without any further changes. If you encounter any issues, please post them on a new thread.