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Anki 2.1.39 Beta

Hi all,

A new beta is now available. For more info, please see


So far things look good.

Add-ons that broke for me: BetterTags, Customize sidebar (both expected), Customize keyboard shortcuts. I notified those add-on authors. @glutanimate’s Speed Focus Mode also triggered an error when trying to click the forecast stats.

If anyone has time, I’d recommend adding drag and drop functionality for the sidebar tags along with an expand all/collapse all button or something like that. It looks really good though! Happy to finally see this functionality added to vanilla Anki

One odd thing is that I have 3 cards in a filtered deck right now and on the stats screen they are in the backlog for “prop:due>=-18655” AND “prop:due<=-18601”. It requires me to have to uncheck the backlog button every time I go to the stats, otherwise that graph is useless. (attached a picture below)


This should normally not happen. It would mean you put the card into the filtered deck, failed it, and waited 50 years ever
since. The question is whether this points to some issue in Anki or to some add-on. Maybe uploading the deck, the filtered deck, so that I could inspect it, would help.

Making the checkbox default to off however is very much possible now, I will open a PR for this.

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One thing I noticed is broken is the cloze shortcut in the editor. I’m investigating.

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Just a suggestion if it helps or is possible, the addon “blitzkrieg” is very good for sidebar and tags stuff. It works up to version 2.1.35 if version 0.4.0 is installed from his github:

This is the addon page: (Legacy) Blitzkrieg II - Advanced Browser Sidebar [BETA8] - AnkiWeb

He’s not updating it anymore since sidebar tags stuff is going to be in the new versions.

This add-on works very well since it allows the user to right click and change the tags by leaf or branch. It also allows for drag and drop to make the tags go into and under another tag. Also has options to delete tags easily by right clicking and deleting a whole subset of tags.

This update looks wonderful! Great job!
Another suggestion; the “bettertags” subtag autocompletion when you type the subtag is very very useful (i mean, if you use a complex subtag system is almost mandatory).
If you never heard about it, while normally you have to type the exact tag::subtag when you insert or edit tags, with bettertags you can just type the subtag and it search for both tags and subtags, autocompleting if needed.

Since you’re improving native tag system handling maybe it might be interesting to consider whether to insert this kind of functions

A search bar for the sidebar was added just today, but it’s not available in a release yet.

Beta 2 is now available. It is closer to 2.1.38 than the previous beta - it contains a bunch of bugfixes from beta 1, but feature changes have been cut, and will come back in 2.1.40. This is expected to be released as stable without further changes, if no issues are found in the next couple of days.

Switching from Beta 1 to Beta 2 give me the following:

This profile requires a newer version of Anki to open. Did you forget to use the Downgrade button prior to switching Anki versions?

Sorry, I should have mentioned this in the beta notes. Since this beta is moving backwards, you’ll need to downgrade with beta 1 first if you were using beta 1: Anki Changes

Beta2 has been released as 2.1.39 stable without further changes. If you run into any issues, please report them on a new thread.