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Anki 2.1.45 Beta

Beta 1 is now available. I’m going to split this post into a new thread as the alpha one has grown quite large. Please post any new issues you encounter on the new thread, but please feel free to reply on the alpha thread if you’d like to continue an existing discussion.


Thanks for implementing the feature requests!

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A minor, cosmetical detail in night mode (Windows 10)

Same thing with the three video modes; normal -no night- mode is fine.

@dae just following up on the previous thread. Is @Rumo 's suggestions for adding a star by the marked tag and similarly with the untagged and leech an option? That seemed like a reasonable compromise

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I’ve had multiple times where I’m making new flashcards and content stays in one of the fields after I add the card. It’s random and not reproducible, but happened about 5 times now. I don’t have anything (settings or add-ons) toggled that would cause this to happen. I’ll keep watching to see if I can find a pattern, but wanted to make you aware of this in case its a possible bug

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@cqg I think that’s a toolkit bug I’m afraid

@AnKingMed I’m not entirely sold on the idea I’m afraid. A leech icon will not look pleasant, and people who are regularly searching for marked cards are better off placing it in the saved searches - where it would lose its icon anyway.

Would it need to be a leech in the literal sense? I’m sure there are more abstract alternatives. For example: (sign for incomplete infinity, U+29DC, sort of resembles a leech too, but in a cute way).

Other alternatives:

  • :construction: (U+1F6A7)
  • ↬ (U+21AC)
  • :loop: (U+27BF)
  • 🗘 (U+1F5D8)

Showing Unicode characters because they are easy to search by category, but surely a proper icon would be better since each OS has their own representations of them (or none at all).

@Rumo like this? image

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Oh dear, I certainly didn’t think of using an actual leech! The reference to the animal is lost in most localisations, anyway. What about some kind of spiral? It would represent an infinite review loop, but whoever is inclined to do so could still see a stylised leech in it. :wink:
I understand if you’ve got reservations, @dae, but I don’t think the icons themselves would be a problem.

(Took me a moment to realise that you’ve answered in your previous post!)
Yes, that looks nice. One would have to see if it works in Qt, though, or if it’s maybe too detailed.

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The white space of that spiral icon might be a bit too tight for Qt, but if you made a PR I would love to help find/create the perfect icon :+1:

Concerning icons for leech and marked:

In this GitHub issue I talked about a possible extension to leech and marked, which I called “private tags”. Simply said, I think the concept behind leech and marked could be generalized, so that users can create their own private tags, which could be used for any kind of “note metadata”, compared to “public tags”, which are more for information categorisation. (Also one notable difference would be that you can toggle of private tags, when exporting deck for sharing with other users)

I’ve had this also after looking at looking at AnKings dev version of the AnKing deck. He also uses a lot of tags, which points to issues or possible paths for improvements a note has.

Speaking for myself, e.g. I used to use marked, but soon noticed that I typically wondered, why I marked the note in the first place. marked is not expressive for me. More “private tags”, like possibly add_a_picture, formatting, would be much more helpful imo.

These private tags could be even to connected to custom svg icons + a color, which are displayed during review and which the user could freely choose from a small collection (since adding new icons for the JS side of things is much easier, since we can just refer to icon collections like Bootstrap or material-ui icons), and possible an easier way to tag the notes during review.

So I’m not saying the situation behind the leech and marked icons is perfect, but I think if we make leech and marked stand out more now, it could be harder to generalize them later on. Just my two cents.

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@dae I had no idea you were thinking of that either. i was thinking a star for marked, a spiral sounds great for leech and then a tag with a line through it or something like that for untagged. Something very simple that isn’t overly obvious, but clearly separates those ones out

Problem I’m having (tested without add-ons). The “create filtered deck” button in the browser does not create a filtered deck based on the current search.

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Pushed a fix. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a good point. Rumo’s already added the ability to rename flags, and a future feature allowing users to define their own tag names to mark with is not hard to imagine.

Regarding private tags, what if we used a + or * prefix to denote tags that are not supposed to be shared? That would make them easy to filter when exporting, and if Anki used +Leech and +Marked, they’d appear at the top of the list, improving their visibility without having to special-case them individually.


@dae I think that’s reasonable. I’m not picky, I just think it’d be best if those three tags are clearly different than the rest. I’d recommend all 3 at the top or all 3 at the bottom with something that sets them apart

I’ve been doing something similar since we could use tags hierarchically. I have a parent tag “BadCard” which all the other tags are under, e.g. “BadCard::Ambiguous”. If there’s an easy way to remove all the child tags from a selection of cards that could be a more general solution to this problem.

(It’d be nice if the leech tag could be moved under that same parent but I won’t kick up a fuss either way :slight_smile:)

Found another problem in the beta - “Set Due Date” does not remember the previous input. Oddly enough it remembers what I put in reviewer if switching to browser, but it doesn’t remember browser-browser or reviewer-reviewer

Hi Damien,

I found two small bugs and have one suggestion:

1. When changing the color of text:


I mark the text below, click on the “v” to select a color and press OK. The color then doesn’t change automatically like in previous versions. I have to press the button on the left (the underlined “A”) again, which is slightly annoying. (I know, probably a toolkit issue, just wanted to let you know. :+1:)

2. Sometimes the main menu doesn’t update or doesn’t even show anything.

I’m unable to reproduce this reliably but it happened multiple times. It can be fixed by clicking somewhere on the menu and pressing F5 to refresh.

3. I think the new option to specify the review order of due cards is just great.

For law students and medical students (at least) it would be amazing to have two additional options:
a) Order by creation time
b) Order by deck and then by creation time

Also if related cards could be shown right after each other that would be perfect.

I know that this is already possible by creating a custom deck but this would make life even easier for many people.

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Could you clarify which menu you exactly mean by “main menu”? You can also upload a screenshot.