'Show Answer' button placed at the end of Image Occlusion card

Usually, with Anki Web, whether it’s an image card or not, the ‘Show Answer’ button is always visible at the bottom of the browser screen, regardless of the card’s length. However, when using the Image Occlusion Enhanced add-on to create cards, the button appears at the card’s end. This arrangement proves time-consuming and cumbersome, as it requires navigating to the card’s end to click the button and then returning to check the answer. How can this issue be swiftly resolved? I have an upcoming exam!

I’m not able to reproduce this - the show answer button is visible for me even if the card content is larger than a page. And if you’re using a computer, you could just hit space instead.

It doesn’t happen with all the large images but only with Image Occlusion Enhanced add-on created cards.

Here’s a large image with NO Image Occlusion :

Here’s a large image WITH Image Occlusion :

Look there’s no show button (it’s at the bottom end)

@glutanimate would you mind investigating and letting me know if there is a simple CSS tweak that will address whatever the notetype happens to be doing?

@dae I can reproduce the issue here (though I assume this must have changed sometime recently, since otherwise I’m sure we’d have seen reports in the past?). In any case, it seems like it’s related to #io-original and #io-overlay both being positioned relative and with a >0 z-index:


A quick fix could be bumping up the z-index on #ansarea, e.g. to 9999, or the z-index max.

Thanks Aristotelis, I’ve pushed out your suggested fix.

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