AnkiWeb update scroll and zoom

On the new AnkiWeb update when tapping “show answer” on an iPhone or iPad it no longer scrolls down to the bottom of the card to see the answer for larger cards. Also, if you tap show answer and then good or hard too fast it zooms in on the buttons. Neither of these things make AnkiWeb unusable but it really slows me down having to scroll down on every card and make sure not to tap the buttons too fast in succession. I can’t fly through cards nearly as fast as I used to anymore.

Text on this card used to be fully visible after hitting show answer.

Tapped show answer and good in quick succession and now am zoomed in to the show answer button with card out of view.

I’ve pushed out an update that should scroll to the answer. I’m afraid I’m not sure if there is a way to prevent double-tap from zooming in on iOS without disabling pinch-to-zoom.

Thanks so much dae, I really appreciate it! And I totally understand if it’s not possible to fix the zoom but I am curious as to why if I was able to do it just fine with no zoom on the older version but not on this newer one.

I’m afraid I don’t know. The study screen was rewritten, and it’s possible that the previous position or timing of the button showing/hiding had some unknown influence on this behaviour.

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