Anki display problem/iOS/ 2.0.83

The normal display

If I select the top bar button on the card page

Then back

There is no recovery unless you completely exit and rerun the program

This is probably due to a little carelessness on the part of the developer and should be easy to debug

Thank you for the report, I will look into it. What do you mean by “front page deck”? Could you provide some screenshots that demonstrate the second problem?

Sorry, the bottom button doesn’t do the same thing that the top bar did in the first question, it does cause the layout of the card, like IF I’m reviewing a card and I swipe up to turn on or hide the bottom button, that’s the problem, When the button appears or disappears, the card sometimes suddenly enlarges or flashes


The problem seems to have occurred after I scaled the card, when the card was enlarged, the sidebar scaling didn’t work, so I made the card weak and it automatically returned to its normal fit size, flickering and autoscaling problems started to occur

Flicker in a dynamic diagram may not be obvious, but it happens all the time

Unfortunately it’s a bit hard to understand from a screenshot. Could I trouble you to make a small screen recording? Record the screen on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch – Apple Support (AU)


When I swipe up to show the bottom button, the card is automatically enlarged

I can not seem to reproduce the jumping on a standard card template - when I hide or shown the bottom bar, the zoomed in text does not move. It is possible that the issue is caused by JavaScript used on the card template: More Features - AnkiMobile Manual

The issue with the missing space in the table seems to have gone away after updating to the latest iOS and latest development tools, so it seems Apple’s made a change here.