Blurred picture on iPad

During review when the back of a flashcard is shown, the picture is blurred (not sharp):

When I resize it (with two fingers pinch) and go back to the original size, it is sharp:

Is it a bug in software or something else.

Please look up the note id of the card in your screenshot, so I can try to reproduce this using your AnkiWeb data. You can find the ID in the card info screen.

Card ID: 1692288104309, Note ID: 1692288104308

But it’s not the matter of this particular note. All pictures in this deck behave like this. For example (Note IDs):


And it’s not always, but mostly. Like the app/iPad behaves in an erratic way. I never know when it will show the picture (a little) blurred and when it will show it sharp, and it doesn’t depend on the picture/note. For example, in one review session, (no matter what pictures) almost all pictures/notes are shown blurred. Then I close all the apps, reboot the iPad, open Anki and the first few pictures (notes/cards) are shown sharp, and after that almost all are shown blurred, even the ones that were previously shown sharp. I don’t know if it’s something to do with Anki or iOS.

It’s not even the deck issue. Also the same thing in another deck, Note ID: 1690312022532 (and many others).

I’m afraid this sounds like an iOS bug, as AnkiMobile relies on iOS’s webview to display cards. If I try reviewing your example note, it works fine, but if I then turn off the screen, turn it back on again, and review the note again, the image is now blurry.

you can try using the image-rendering attribute in your card template styles: image-rendering - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN
Using image-rendering: crisp-edges; might fix the blurry photos, at the risk of making scaled photos look slightly worse.

Maybe try the following code from

img {
  max-width: none;
  max-height: none;

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try and test them.

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