Image occlusion cards dont show properly on iphone

Hi everyone, I dowloaded anki mobile for IOS (i have an iphone 8plus) but sometimes once I’ve done some cards on my pc (windows) when I try to study them on my phone they appear bigger so that the things that should be covered are just partially covered or not at all.
How can I fix that? I tried adding:

.mobile img{height: 300px}

img {max-height: 500px}

to the styling part of my cards but it doesn’t look like working.
Thnaks everybody

Does the issue occur when you use a default image occlusion notetype with no customizations?

yes it happens, I therefore changed them.
Does anyone have the same problem?

@glutanimate I presume this is not expected behaviour?

@dae No, this shouldn’t happen normally.

@farwondo, just to confirm there aren’t any accidental changes to the IOE notetype/templates that could be causing this, would you mind doing the following?:

  1. On desktop Anki, head to Tools → Manage Note Types
  2. In the window that comes up, please locate the Image Occlusion Enhanced note type and use the button to the right to rename it to Image Occlusion Enhanced (old).
  3. Close the window, restart Anki, and then attempt creating some new image occlusion notes using the add-on. These should now use the default note type and templates as the add-on will regenerate the IOE note type.

Having done that, would you mind checking if you still see the issue with these newly created IOE cards on AnkiMobile?

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