Image + Image occlusion not displaying on macos/ios after 24.04


This issue began after I updated to 24.04 on my Mac, and similarly on my iPhone following the recent update to the Anki app. While the image occlusion cards display both front/back sides along with all the text, and scheduling of the cards seems unaffected, the issue is the absence of the image itself with their accompanying occlusions. This problem persists across both older cards (before the 24.04 update) and newer ones (after the 24.04 update). Thanks for help in advance.

Can you share screenshot and decks for debug purpose?

You appear to have modified the card template. In the computer version, edit one of the problem cards, then click on the Cards… button. Then using the top right button, restore the notetype to the default settings, and it should fix the issue.

Bull’s eye! It was the template which was slightly customized. Ive reverted it back to its default settings but then modified it again to how it was. I hope future Anki updates won’t disrupt this setup again. Thanks

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