Image Occlusions not showing up in 23.10.1

I just updated from 2.1.64, created an image occlusion card, and then tried to review it. I can’t see the occlusions in the reviewer, previewer, or on mobile. I tested without any add-ons

Hmm, that’s a weird one. Do you see any error messages on the card (e.g. Error loading image occlusion), or what does the card look like for you?

Nothing at all. No errors. Card looks just like the image without the occlusion boxes.
Here’s my note: IO-native-not working.apkg - Google Drive

It looks like you have an older version of the notetype installed, possibly from an early AnkiMobile beta. If you don’t have any notes attached to this note type, or just notes for testing, I’d recommend deleting it and restarting Anki. That should prompt Anki to recreate the current note type.

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Alternatively you can open the Cards… screen and use options>restore to default.

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I did this and it’s working now. Must have just been an early version of the note type as @glutanimate suggested

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