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I’ve been working on a deck together with a Friend. We wanted to turn a text from university to an anki Deck. Because a lot of latex was involved with decided to just take screenshots. Unfortunately the monitors we used have vastly different resolutions.

We ended up with pictures that differ in terms of resolution. I tried to increase the size of the smaller images using a plugin for gimp called bimp. I copied files from my anki folder. Then I processed them and pasted them back in.

I’m happy with the results when I’m reviewing on my desktop PC. However if I review cards on my iPad it looks completely different. The smaller images still seem to have the same size. I tried syncing them a couple of times. And I even reinstalled anki on my iPad.

I will attach two pictures for reference. It is the same card. One is reviewed on my desktop the other on my iPad.

Is it because the images were not updated or does anki iOS crop the images?

Thanks in advance

This is a difference in the way Windows and iOS handle high DPI screens - Apple is doubling the image size due to the retina display. Some more info: Screenshots large and blurry on retina displays - Frequently Asked Questions

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thanks for replying. But that is kind of weird. It seems like it’s doing the opposite in my case. The images I upscaled appear doubled in size and appear blurry on my desktop, but they stayed the same on IOS.
The pictures above combine two images each. The upper part I left as it was and the part below I increased in size.
Now the first picture shows how it is displayed on windows and the second one how it is displayed on my iPad. As you can see it looks larger on the desktop.

Thanks again

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So you’re saying the images did not appear to change on the iPad? That sounds like they may not have synced. Did you add or remove a file as well so that syncing noticed the changes, and then wait for the media to finish syncing on your computer, and then mobile device?


I think it is indeed a syncing Problem. It went like this:
When I first got the deck first between my devices. After that I noticed the images were too small for me. I then went on to replace them after increasing them. But I didn’t rename them.
I remove Anki from my iPad and reinstalled it. To me it looks like Anki downloaded everything like it was brand new.
Is there a backup of the images maybe on my iPad to save bandwidth?

Thank you

Due to the way iOS works, deleting the app will delete all the app’s data.

After making the changes on your desktop, those changes won’t be sent to AnkiWeb until you add or remove an image on your desktop. After doing so, and then syncing, the media changes should sync to AnkiWeb, and can then be synced to your iOS device.