Possible bug report: Image Occlusion

The new text feature seems to have some issue. Suppose I have an image which has 5 occlusions. If I review 1st three cards and then make an edit on the 4th card, Anki seems to show me the first already reviewed cards again and skips the 4th card.
Does it work in this way or it’s a bug? Also, the text is changing its size i.e. the size gets reduced in review.

Can you provide some screenshots showing the difference in text size between editing and reviewing?

Editing should not affect when cards become due. If card 1 was a learning card, perhaps the learning step delay had just elapsed.

I wrote something and draw the box “above” the text. But in review session, the text appears above the box

The text size is large here

Thanks, I’ve made a note to look into this when I get a chance.

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