Bug fix(scratchpad not working properly)

Hi there,
I have a problem with the scratchpad. I normally use 90% height with full transparency and grid. Whenever i use the scratchpad and tap show answer it squeezes the card between the scratchpad and top bar. Like the card doesnt stay under the scratchpad, it moves up. Oh and the card type in this case is image occlusion. I have tweaked every option in the settings to see if this bug still persists, but it does:(. I also provided some photos.

So in the first photo is the normal card.
In the second one it is with the scratchpad.
And in the last one i pressed show answer and the card got squeezed so it is barely visible.

For now, there’s a workaround you can use: Image occulsion on Anki - problems with using the scratch pad - #4 by dae

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