Scratchpad bug in beta 20075.7

There seems to be a bug in the newest AnkiMobile beta 20075.7 regarding the scratchpad. Anki doesn’t remember my setting for each note type in between app restart (or some idle state, I don’t know). I use it for all my notes so it quickly becomes tedious to manually reopen it.

Preferably there would be a toggle under Review->Scratchpad called e.g. “Always show scratchpad for all note and card types”. And preferably this would be remembered between version updates, and preferably definitely between Anki sessions (close/switch app/restart etc…).

The setting is recorded for each card template. The beta version changed the way the setting is stored, which will make it more efficient to read, but this had the side-effect of forgetting your previous settings. Once you’ve toggled it on for a given card template, does it not stay that way?

Ah yes true, it’s for every card template, I didn’t know what to call it. Ok I see, no problem! Efficiency is always welcomed.
I did some quick testing and Yes indeed, the scratchpad does stay for each template! For my language decks I have a lot of related cards and must have mixed up which ones I toggled the scratchpad for.