Separate the scratchpad setting between iPad and iPhone


I’ve just recently started to use my old iPhone6 (for reasons that’s not totally clear to me, but one being that AnkiMobile runs much smoother compared to my (newer) Android phone, e.g. MathJax renders instantly and pictures are resized quicker, increasing the overall joy of using Anki).

But, it seems that the iPhone picked up my setting to show the scratchpad for all card types, and this renders the experience useless because half the screen is covered. I want the scratchpad to always show on my iPad, but never on the iPhone, and this setting should be fixed because I have many card types and toggling the scrathpad on/off each time I change device is clearly not an option. Is this possible to fix in the card templates, or is a code change necessary?

I’m using version 20079.1 on both.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve added it to the todo list.

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Many thanks!

An option to force the scratchpad to off will be in the next beta; please let me know if you’d like to try it. Beta Testing - AnkiMobile Manual

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I got my hands on an iPhone 13 (not mine, just borrowed it) and managed to do some testing. The new switch to never show the scratchpad works, nice!
Minor issue, there’s a white bar just over the actual canvas/grid that covers the background image or color. Placing the pad below the answer buttons doesn’t change anything, nor does changing the theme for “Bar Style”. The only way to get rid of the bar for one card is to toggle the pad ON/OFF, but on the next card the bar is back again.

Interestingly the bar does not present itself on the iPad.

Thanks, will look into it.

Your card is not extending to the bottom of the screen - something like the following should work around it:

html { min-height: 1000px; }

Oh ok thanks, that’s was a nice CSS-trick =)
I gave back the iPhone yesterday (hello again, beloved Android) so I can’t test the fix.