Please improve the IOS app by adding a whiteboard feature

I recently switched to an iPhone and was quite disappointed that Anki costed money when it was free on android.

However, I had such a good experience with Anki on android I decided to buy it.

However, I was disappointed again when the IOS app was nowhere near as good as the android app. The android app has a whiteboard feature which allows you to draw anywhere on the card. The “scratchpad” feature on IOS was quite disappointing.

Is there any way to get the whiteboard feature like on android on the IOS app?

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What functionality are you missing? The transparency and size of the scratchpad can be configured in the preferences.

@123jlr: I thought like you myself for a long time, but if you go to settings and remove the gridlines, increase the transparency and then increase the size of the scratchpad, then the two work rather similarly, in my impression.

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Agree with @123jlr
I’m really thinking to buy an android phone because of ankidroid. The solution of pinnerup is not good if compared with whiteboard of ankidroid.

@dae, maybe Scratchpad Transparency 100% will make better. But, ankidroid allow we use 100% whiteboard height. On AnkiMobile, I can add a space before the card to work with 75% height and make disable the top of my card.
When study in anki, sometimes I like to mark with pen some words to keep my focus on. I know, maybe you think this seems to be too many details or things not important. But, to me it seems like my screen is reduced to 50% or 75% because of a white filter.

Sorry if I kidnapped the topic. And, by the way, I like so much of Anki and I’m thankful you for that.

Thank you for elaborating, I’ll look into adding a fully transparent option. The 75% max size is because the tools button, taps and swipes would be inaccessible if the scratchpad completely covered the screen.

Maybe permit 95% or 90% max size! :smiley:

Thanks for all.

Well, it’s acceptable that taps and swipes are inaccessible when the scratchpad is enabled – the same holds (to the extent that it applies) for AnkiDroid. But there could perhaps be a “Max” option, that lets the scratchpad cover everything but the top button bar and the bottom (answer) button bar? Coupled with enabling the “Pad” button in the top bar, it’d work exactly as the corresponding feature in AnkiDroid does.

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