Apple Pencil Ipad Pro


the Anki software is an awesome software. I think now that the pencil technology got better on tablets its potential can fully be developed as handwriting is good for our brain while learning.

I am using AnkiMobile and would like to share some thoughts on what should be improved in order to get it better:

  • there should be an option to choose a card background when using the pencil, be it an image someone uploads or be it a default background as in “Notability” I have uploaded a picture of a background I use on my Ipad. I use a drawing app to make my cards and add them to Anki so I can modify them later too. It is painfully long when you have many cards. That is why it would be nice to directly have it on AnkiMobile

  • the height and width of the cards should be customizable too

  • the writings should appear on the card as written on the card with AnkiMobile not moved, not centered, etc…

  • the handwritten text should be scaled down or up proportionaly with the card background as when I am adding a image

  • when using the Apple Pencil, it seems to add an “image” that cannot be modified. So when you write many sentences, save your card, then you are not able to change a word from this sentences. Many apps like “Notability” allow postmodifications

Hi Crassus,

Thank you for the suggestions!

Regarding modifying an image, this is already possible - a two finger long press on a drawn image in the editing screen will bring the image up in the drawing screen.

Hi dae,

thank you for the hint!

Would it be possible to have some background in an upcoming update (at least lines or small squares when writing) or does this option exist already too? Something like the grid for the scratchpad.

Support for a grid/horizontal lines is on the todo list, but it may be a little while I’m afraid - I currently have my hands full with other changes :frowning: