【suggestions!】Want to add brush recognition

Why we don’t add a brush recognition to the anki app.We all know most of the IPad users are used to using apple pencil when they are using study app .And most of the note app in the market support apple pencle.
In my case, because I have to remember too much notes.Most of them R long notes.And they bothered me a lot.It is not the same as the A word card.It needs to focus on and understand the logic behind the knowledge.Sometimes it need brush, so I hope if anki mobile could support apple pencle, I will thank you alot!

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I’m afraid I’m having trouble understanding you - could you be more specific about what you are asking for? AnkiMobile already supports using Apple Pencil for creating drawings on cards (tap the pen icon in the editor), and you can write into fields directly, to have your writing turned into text.

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I mean could I just draw on the typed words to circle and highlight it with my brush just like notability?eg If u could change it,I think a lot of people will appreciate it a lot!(Maybe it needs two modes)

You can drag a line over some text with the Apple pencil to select it, then either use the colour icon to color the text, or the cloze deletion icon if you wish to turn the text into […] questions.