Apple Pencil - in line vs. “draw”

Hi gang,
I’m a newcomer to Anki and tried searching the forum for a post relating to this but was met with an error message. Sorry if this already exists out there!

In short, Anki mobile supports writing directly in the text box without selecting the “draw” feature, which is awesome. However, when I do this, it auto formats my writing to type. Is it possible to turn this feature off so that drawings and letters do NOT auto format?


If you tap on the pen icon in the toolbar of the editing screen, it will open a screen when you can create drawings that will be attached to your field.

Thanks Dae.
Update: I realized that writing in a text box is actually an apple supported feature - you can disable this in apple ipad settings, but once disabled you cannot write in a text box (unless using the method Dae suggested).

Do I infer correctly that there’s no convenient way to use ankimobile to make handwritten cards that stay handwritten?

Hey Brec, you can use the “draw” function as described in Dae’s post to do this! It works quite well for hand-written cards.
The functionality I was looking for in my original post was a bit different than this.

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Thanks, Unc; that works. [Edit: Subsequent question deleted after RTFM answered it.]