Image occulsion on Anki - problems with using the scratch pad

I have made my flashcards using the built in image inclusion on the iPad. But it makes the image really small when i use the scratchpad feature with it & it only started doing It with the recent update. Could you help ?

It tries to fit the image to the visible screen space. You currently have the scratchpad at its maximum size, which leaves very little room for the image. If you adjust the size of the scratchpad to something closer to 50%, the image should be more legible without zooming.

I understand that but i had it to the maximum size so that i could annotate over the image when reviewing flashcards. It used to work fine but something changed with it I think someone should try fix it

You can adjust the card template to achieve the old behavior. Something like the following at the bottom of the template:

.mobile #image-occlusion-container { max-height: calc(100vh - 200px) }.

You may need to tweak the 200 a little up or down if the fit is not optimal.

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That works well just need to add it to the styling template it should be added to the main template think i would make it much simplier

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