Image Occlusion Enhanced + Scaling Images + Scratchpad


I use Image Occlusion Enhanced (, as well as AnkiMobile for iOS.

My goal is to not scroll for images on mobile. Additionally, I leverage scratchpad when on the iPad, so therefore, the image needs to be scaled to fit the area above the scratchpad.

I have tried the suggested fixes I have seen on the half-a-dozen other similar threads regarding image scaling, but none have worked.

Has anyone successfully been able to scale images on Image Occlusion Enhanced cards on AnkiMobile?


You could try a max height of “50%”, adjusting to suit.

As shared by this post: Fit image to window/app, max-height does not work with a percentage for me, only max-width.

Any ideas why? If I could get max-height working with a percentage variable I think that would solve it.

That may be the document height - what about “50vh” instead?

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Perfect, that worked! Thank you!! :slight_smile: