Answer Keeps Zoom - Spacebar Issue

Currently having an issue with specifically Image Occlusion cards where answering with the spacebar causes the screen the scroll down (does not happen when I answer by just touching the screen). Not a big issue for normal cards (especially since the screen is supposed to scroll down to the back side of a normal card).

Did not use to happen with previous versions of AnkiMobile.


Please see Pressing the Spacebar simultaneously scrolls down and goes to the next card

Hmm, I read the 2 threads but not sure if it applies to my situation? I don’t have any Anking or Ankihub note types. Really the problem only applies to @glutanimate’s Image Occlusion cards. Sometimes it does it with the Basic card type but it’s not really an issue.

Would you be able to move a couple of problem cards into a separate deck, export it as an apkg, and provide a link to me privately so I can try to reproduce the issue?

Let me know if you prefer a different file hosting service! (not sure how to make this reply private)

Thanks for that, I was able to reproduce the issue with that deck and will investigate. In the meantime, one workaround is to use enter instead of space.

Hey @dae thanks for the enter workaround!

I noticed that there’s like approximately 4 or so lines of blank space on AnkiMobile that don’t appear on Anki Desktop.

Trying to get this to work on AnkiMobile but the extra lines of blank space cause double scrolling (if that makes sense): How to Create Scrollable Image Gallery for CT/MRIs

Is there a workaround, perhaps a card template workaround?


Do you mean padding at the bottom of the page? That’s there to ensure that you’re able to scroll down if content is displayed underneath the answer buttons. You could adjust margin-bottom on body, but then you may not be able to see the bottom of longer cards.

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