Pressing the Spacebar simultaneously scrolls down and goes to the next card

Hello, help would be greatly appreciated. I have the newest ankimobile (2.09.0) and there is one very annoying issue. When I press the Spacebar to reveal the the answer (back of the card) there is no problem. When I press Spacebar again for “good” the card that I was on scrolls down while simultaneously going to the next card. The annoying issue is then with the new card it has to readjust to the top position and is a tad annoying. Is there anyway to fix this?

Please see Spacebar Scrolls to bottom of card when revealing answer 2.0.89 - #5 by AnKingMed

I watched Anking note type video but still couldn’t figure out, if you know what to do in the addon, please reply

I don’t even have the Spacebar scroll down add on. For me if I use a 8BitDo controller this doesn’t happen. It only happens if I use my Spacebar. So I would purchase the 8BitDo zero 2 controller

@AnKingMed if you could provide some instructions I could link to, that would be a big help

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