Found a Bug: id=answer breaking when using Gamepad

I’ve been using the 8BitDo zero 2 successfully for several months, but for a few days now I noticed a bug when reviewing.
My backside of cards has id=answer element to scroll the screen down. When I start the app fresh and use the touch screen to select responses, the screen scrolls down as expected to the id=answer. I can use the touch screen to scroll the page back up to look at the top if I wish, then I continue to the next card. That works as normal.
However, when using the controller for reviews, I can use the programmed buttons to select Good/Again/etc. and it works correctly, and I can hit the Good button to continue to the next card. However, if I use the direction arrows to scroll back to the top of the card, it breaks the function of id=answer going forward. On subsequent cards, no matter if I use touch or the controller for reviewing, the cards no longer scroll down to id=answer element. The only way to fix this is to force-close AnkiMobile and restart it. Then it works as expected.
The only thing I think that I changed several days ago is I updated several apps on my phone, possibly AnkiMobile as well. I currently have 23.12.1 installed on iPhone 13 mini running iOS 17.3.1.

Thank you for the report; I’ve made a note to look into this when I get a chance.

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