Feature request - Auto Scroll cards (iOS)

Hi, I use a foot pedal with two buttons to do anki cards. The problem is, when I get to long cards, It’s not possible to scroll down. I would really love the option to auto-scroll cards till the bottom, so I could continue to use the two buttons with no problem!

If you have some programming experience, you may be able to accomplish this already by adding some Javascript in your card template:.

Would that mean that in every device (including PC) the option would be on by default? Is there any way that that can be set only on iOS?

The JS can detect the platform - something like

if (document.documentElement.className.includes("iphone")) {
	$('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: $(document).height() - $(window).height() }, 5000); 

It did work, but when the screen hits the bottom it IMMEDIATELY jumps back to the top. It makes it impossible to read all the information.

It’s not scrolling back to the top for me - maybe there’s something specific about your card template that is causing it?

This is all the template:

Note: This is ONLY happening on Anki Mobile. If I adjust the code, it works perfectly on PC and Ankidroid.

On the answer side, if you remove the id=answer part, it should prevent that from happening.

It worked! Thank you very much! God bless you.

Just another thing. Is there any way to separate the question and answer on the answer side without the id=answer ?

If you left the <hr > part, there’ll still be a line shown.

Right, but is there a way to automatically zoom to the answer without the id=answer ?

Maybe you could name it id=answer2, then try something like the following at the top of the script