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Ever since AnkiWeb updated a couple months ago it has become extremely tedious to review flashcards (I know hardly anyone actually does this) but I do basically every day when I’m not near my laptop. But when answering cards now on the phone it will zoom in all the time. I’ve used Anki this way for years and it never did that before. But basically because you’re “double tapping on the screen” (I.e. show answer + good) it zooms in and that’s super frustrating. It would be nice if this little hiccup was fixed so that like before, it doesn’t do that.
I’m using an iPhone in safari on “ankiusernet/study”

For the user: Zoom in on the iPhone screen - Apple Support (Disable or change the zoom key bind to the accessibility button)

For the dev: html - Disable double tap zoom on Safari iOS 13 + - Stack Overflow

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@NameLessGO Yeah unfortunately the zoom you’re referencing is the “double tap feature with 3 fingers” not one which is the issue I’ve encountered. only the developer changing the website functionality as you’ve referenced would fix this.

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