Should I save colors values of text for next OS install?


I have some decks and each deck uses a few colors for texts and as you see in the screenshot, I save those colors in the “Select Color” window to access easily and quickly. If I go for reinstall; because of a suddenly crash for my PC and I will have to install a fresh Windows, should I save those color values that I apply to my body text or no need and after installing AnkiDesktop on Windows, those colors values back in “Select Color” window by syncing, or not and syncing operation can’t bring back those saved colors in the palette and need to write down color hex values somewhere?


The colours are stored in your system and not synced, so you’ll need to note them down if you wish to move them to a new machine.

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Anki should backup colors like other settings, hope in the next version, do this to avoid the time-wasting tasks for writing down hexadecimal values of colors somewhere or take screenshots. While I guess creating custom colors is happen inside the Anki software, the developers will able to introduce the ability for saving and back up those colors’ value.

You can make text in one note (card) with all colors that need to be saved and synchronized with all decks. You will have to do it manually, but once.

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