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Syncing process, will backup my add-ons or I should backup them manually?


I’m going to reinstall my OS and all programs including Anki will be removed from my PC’s drive, After that; on the new fresh Windows, install it to use. But I wonder how to back up my add-ons list before delete or formatting my disk partition for new OS installation. if the Syncing process, backs up my add-ons as well or not and I should copy them manually and then import or paste them into the appropriate folder under Anki’s directory to work normally like now?

Thank you!

Add-ons are not synced.
You should back up Anki’s data folder. See for details about its location depending on your OS.


Hi, may I ask you a precision ?
I am going to install anki on a new pc.
I understand that if I synchronise my local anki with ankiweb, I should recover my collection
but concerning the preferences and the add-ons, I need to use the anki folder.
Is it possible just to copy the full folder from my old pc to my new one ?
(may be the structure of the folders in my new pc will be not exactly the same as the one on my old pc ?)
thanks for your help
Philippe L

Yes, I think this is possible because the structure of the folders is the same for all supported systems AFAIK.

Ok thank you
I’ll do accordingly
best Regrds