Deleted Anki, normal "back up" way does not work


So I unfortunately deleted my Anki folder on MacOS. Luckily I made a “Folder” back up (manually, and not a normal back up collection or apk) of the “addons21” folder. I did this because last time I only had to replace that folder when reinstalling Anki and it brought me right back to where I was.

So after everything was lost I found in this folder a “back up” which brought back my anki (but without any add ons and media). So my decks and the scheduling are there but the add on list ist completely blank. How is this possible? I literally copied all folders and when I go to the “view files” menu to the add ons, It won’ t show the normal add on folder but instead bring me to the addons21 folder that I’ve added.

Last time it worked, and this time I messed up. I learned my lesson.

But please help me. Will all media be synced and downloaded? I heavily rely on media (medical school).

Desperate greetings!

View Files will show the contents of the addons21 folder when a specific add-on is not selected first. If you see a addons21 folder when pressing View Files, that sounds like you’ve put an addons21 folder inside another addons21 folder.

If you were syncing/have the data on another device, you should be able to sync and choose download to recover your media.

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