Lost data please help

Hi there
I’m not very good with tech.
I have ALL my studies onto Anki and was trying to download my friend’s ankis onto my account.
I clicked sync and then download and it replaced all my data and I have no clue how to get it back. I’ve tried looking for a backup but the most recent one was the one where everything deleted and I can’t find any others.
I have a Mac

Please please help me xxx

Have a look here, there should be more than one backup:


I’ve tried but I can’t seem to find any backups. Can I find some old backups? I only have from today but not any older. Maybe I can get some from a week or 2 ago? Please help!!

Take a look here, your backup should be there:

I can’t seem to work out the option bit. I can’t find the Anki folder so if you can advise on that I’d be grateful

I’m not a Mac user, but the folder /Library/Application Support/Anki2 is hidden by default, try this to go there.

Once there you should see your Anki data folder, your backup files should be in the backup subfolder.

However, as stated in the manual, File > Swicht Profile > Open Backup should bring you directly there, what do you see after doing that?

There seem to only be backups from since I’ve lost all my cards, so I need to find previous backups from days or weeks ago but those are the ones I can’t find. There are only backups since it’s been empty
Please help all my work is on there and I’d be so sad to have lost it all

Did you ever upload your old cards to AnkiWeb?

I’m afraid you don’t appear to have synced prior to the issue, so there is probably no way to recover your data if you don’t have a backup.

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