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I play competitive contract bridge and am recently using Anki to help my partner and me to remember our agreements. A sample question might be “Holding these cards, what is your correct response when partner opens One Club?”.

What’s special here is that the Anki deck is quite small, currently 80 cards but might grow to 200 or so. These are things that can be easily forgotten so frequent review is desirable, perhaps 10 per day. However with the default settings we’re not getting anywhere near that.

What would be the most reasonable setting(s) to change for this scenario?

Also when I export the deck for my partner’s use in AnkiDroid, are these settings also exported and imported?

Thanks in advance!

Crickets. :slight_smile:

OK how about Reducing Max Interval to 10 days (from 36500) and Starting Ease to 1.75 (from 2.5)? Any thoughts on that?

Have fun :), after a few rounds of playing the game (just like how a few matches of soccer, you eventually learn how to play/rules/etc…), you and your partner might memorize those agreements

That will be up to you, can only recommend what it is used for University/Med school, in this case you can change or use at is, although the default anki settings work too

Custom Scheduling

Tried exporting and importing, but the setting wasn’t carried over

Thank you. For what it’s worth, bridge agreements can be quite complex and are a whole other ball of wax from learning the rules and basic strategy. Some expert partnerships have literally hundreds of pages of notes. Anki seems a great alternative to just going over the notes repeatedly.

I suppose learning chess openings could also benefit in this way.

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Anyway I did try the changes from my original posting, the most significant one being Max Interval of 10 days (as opposed to 100 years!). Time will tell how effective this is. I suspect I’ll have to tweak it some more.

Perhaps I should have titled this “settings for poor memories”. When you get old like me there’s not much you have to remember, but depending on your choices of activities and number of grandchildren there can be exceptions. If you have 80 things that you really don’t want to forget and need to be reminded of periodically, seeing them once per century will not do.

If you need things to be reminded of periodically, Max Interval is your friend.

Using Anki on a daily basis is an excellent way not only to learn new things, but also to exercise your memory. :slight_smile:

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