Set the queue of cards in the deck

Good day. Please tell me how to set the order of cards in the deck? When adding a new card, I want to determine its place, as some questions / cards are logically connected and follow one by one. If this is not possible, then what solutions can I try?

Thanks in advance!)

p. s. sorry for my bad English, I’m from Belarus.

In the browser view select the particular card(s), Cards->Reposition. You can also use the shortcut ctrl+shift+S.

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But this is not a queue for the deck, but for all the cards.

I want them to be stored in my deck in a certain order.

There is no such thing as deck queue but new queue and review queue. If you review from a deck you will review them by sequential order even if the number are not consecutive i.e. 1,5,23,54,123 etc being the other cards in queue from other decks. On the other hand, I personally do not encourage to hardcode a particular order in SRS.

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Because I also use Anki as a storage of information. So I want to sort them in the “Overview” in the logical order that I want to set.

I understand that to study them, the program gives them out in random order(or depending on how well or poorly I know the card), but nevertheless, I would like to go to the “Review” and see the cards in a certain order.

It is a pity if this is not possible((

Ok, Anki is not meant to be used this way. If you use Anki as knowledge storage rather than reviewing, you could a work-around:

First create a new field which you will use as the sorting field. bear in mind Anki uses alphabetic sort. Fill the sort fill when creating a deck. For instance Biology-S1-02, or any convention you may want to use. Then at any time in the future if you create a card Biology-S1-03 will be displayed next to the -02 card.

A good practice with numbers is padding zeros so 10 does not come before 2,3,…9 for example.

Hope that helps!


Guillem, this is a great idea. I’ll try. If you have any questions, I’ll let you know. Thanks!!!

You are welcome

I made a new field. And also did “Assign a list to this field”, set a digital queue according to your instructions, but the field is not sorted. I click on the “sort Field” and for some reason the list is not sorted.

For example:


or reverse


Поле сортировки = “Sort field”

It still sorts automatically in the order in which the cards were created.

Here is an example:


Notice the queue count are not ordered but for their sorted field.

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Don’t working( why?

Just changed Anki UI to the same language and it works. Are you using add-ons that affect the browser?



Thank you dear friend. This problem was solved because I had to do syncing after I changed something in the “sort field”.