Screenshots not appearing ever since I changed laptops (Mac Ventura, M2 Pro)

I recently changed my laptop to a Macbook Pro M2 Pro and a strange thing happened everytime I’m creating a new card ever since.

Whenever I try to add a screenshot to a card, the image doesn’t appear on the editor, there’s only a little square that represents the image but it’s not the image itself.
However, this only happens with screenshots I took on the new Mac, as if I save a random image from the web it will appear normally on the editor.

The image also does not appear while i’m studying the deck. EDIT: it does appear on AnkiWeb tho, and after a while it seems to appear on the iOS app. But it never appears on the Mac!

I’ve already given Anki full access to my drive and folders so I don’t know what’s going on.
On my old Mac I used to screenshot, drag and drop it on the editor or copy+paste it from the Desktop folder later and everything would work.

I’m on the most recent version of Ventura + Anki.

Can anyone please help? My study largely depends on the images :frowning:

Thank you!

I can’t seem to reproduce this on an M1 pro machine here. When you say it “never appears on the Mac”, Does it not appear after you restart Anki either? Does Tools>Check Media report it as missing?

Thanks for answering! No, they don’t appear after I restart Anki. I’ve checked media and there are 0 items missing.
Today I noticed older images (from cards I created before changing computers) don’t appear on the new Mac either, although they appear on my iPad, iPhone and AnkiWeb.
I also noticed that, after I take a screenshot, if I copy+paste it on the Photos app and only then I copy+paste it from the Photos to the Anki app, the image shows up as normal on the Mac. But if I copy+paste the screenshot directly, it just appears as a broken image on the Mac…

If disabling all add-ons doesn’t make a difference, please open and type the following in, then hit enter:

ANKIDEV=1 /Applications/

When you open the editor and see a broken image, what is shown in the terminal? Do you see a “not found” message?

And have you tried renaming one of your screenshots before adding it to Anki? I’m wondering if the non-Latin text in the filename is related.

Nevermind, I’ve been able to reproduce the problem; a fix will be in the next release. In the mean time, downgrading to 2.1.54 should work around the problem.

Actually this did work! When I take a screenshot, the original name goes something like “Captura de ecrã 2023-02-27, às 19.02.45”.
I wonder if there’s a special character in there that is the reason for the issue with Anki, as if I rename the same screenshot to something more simple like “test” and then drag it to Anki it shows up normally.

The only hassle is that I used to take the screenshot and drag it directly from the little box that goes on the lower right corner, and now I have to change the name first. But at least it’s working :sweat_smile:

EDIT: I downgraded to 2.1.54 and that allows me to drag and drop the screenshot directly after I took it, so I’ll stick to this version until the next one pops up. Thank you so so much, you’ve really helped me out! :grin:

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