Screenshot photos not showing up on cards

Hello, I have been using anki for over a year and frequently take screenshots on my mac, which I insert into cards (mostly cloze cards in the extra space). Within the past few weeks my cards will no longer show photos I have inserted into them. Is there any solution to this problem? Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 2.41.16 PM

What does Tools>Check Media in the main window report? You appear to have deleted a small number of images on the 17th, which I can restore for you if you wish. If all images are broken but Check Media does not report them as missing, perhaps restarting your computer will help?


Thanks for your reply. I have followed you directions and still cannot get screenshots to show up on my cards. I tried changing my images from PNG to JPG with no success. Do you have any other ideas as to why this could be happening? Should I revert to an older version of anki?

I’d like to repeat what Damien said earlier and ask what Tools - Check Media shows? It should report no unused or missing files.

Also, if you’re not using the latest Anki 2.1.34 version, consider updating to it. I don’t remember the exact version, but there was a case when doing a full-sync resulted in a broken picture, but it’s probably not related here and just restarting Anki automatically fixed the issue.

And I don’t think reverting back to an older version will fix it. But if you could add a new picture just fine, but you see it being broken sometime later, it’s likely due to a bug in the add-on. In this case, installing an older Anki version might help until the bug is fixed.

You could also try to use AnkiWebView Inspector - - and look for any errors in the Console tab.

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