Pictures and screenshots not showing up on AnkiDroid App

What can I do to fix AnkiDroid App if pictures and screenshots not showing up on AnkiDroid App?

I have already tried syncing the computer version and made sure ‘media sync complete’ appears there first. I then logged in to AnkiWeb and checked that images showed up when studying there. They did show up, and so I sync’ed AnkiMobile once more and wait for ‘media sync complete’. Issues still persisted.

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P.S. I created my flashcards on my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 laptop.

  1. Could you check the \AnkiDroid\media folder in your file manager to see if you have the all the media files downloaded. You can Use Tools → check media on your PC to find out how many media files you have, then check if you have the same number of files in your phone.
  2. If yes, open the AnkiDroid app and press the three dots at the top-right → Check Media, then try reviewing

Hi Shallash,

Thank you so much for replying. I tried doing that with no luck. Is there a way Anki can look into my cards to diagnose the problem?

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Just to confirm, you are certain you have all the pictures present in AnkiDroid’s folder?

If yes, could you tell me if you are simply not seeing the pictures in the cards, or you are getting an icon like this? image

If it’s the former, it could be an issue in the styling of the cards for ankidroid. If it’s the latter, either the image references in the cards or the image filenames have changed. More likely to be the image filenames.

You could upload your cards/deck somewhere and post a link here, if you want me to check it out?

You mentioned Surface Pro 3, is it possible that you are using an app called AnkiUniversal? It’s by an unrelated developer, and it doesn’t allow for media sync, I believe.

Dear Shallash,

In response to your helpful questions:

  1. I checked media for both PC and phone today and they appear
    different. Please see images attached.

  2. All pictures should be present on AnkiDroid folder. Instead of the
    pictures I am getting the icon you mentioned instead. Please see
    images attached for reference.

  3. I’ve also attached (in a 2nd email) an example of my deck which hasn’t been
    transferring pictures from laptop to mobile AnkiDroid. Everything
    works fine on the laptop and AnkiWeb.

  4. I have not been using AnkiUniversal. I have been using the official
    AnkiDroid app.

What do you think the problem is?

Thanks so much,
Andrew N

It appears that your media files are not all synced to ankidroid. You say all the images appear on AnkiWeb so it’s probably an issue on AnkiDroid’s side. I’m afraid I can’t help you debug your syncing issues easily, but what I did when I faced an issue with my media sync with AnkiDroid was that I transferred my media to my phone via USB.

  1. In windows, open your Anki folder.
  2. By default you can open it by pressing Windows + R, then typing %appdata% in the Run dialog box.
  3. In the explorer window that opens, go to Anki2 → (your profile name) →
  4. Copy all the files in this folder
  5. Connect your phone via usb
  6. In your phone’s storage, paste the files in AnkiDroid →
  7. Check Media again in ankidroid, all files should be present now

It would be best if you first deleted the unused media files in your Anki Windows before copying from there.

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Thank you so much for your help Shallash!! You are so kind. I will try this when I am home tomorrow with my laptop.

I will keep you updated.

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